Facebook Business Page Maintenance

How do you make the most of your Facebook Page? 

Maintaining Your Facebook Business Page - And we do all the work!

Do you want fans to become customers? 

Do you want your Facebook page to help you sell more products and services?


KK Publisher’s IT specialists will update your Facebook Business Page at least twice a week. This encourages people to follow you because they will know that you update regularly. In addition, your followers won’t be scared off due to updating too frequently.

What will we post? You give us the basic details and we do all the rest!

... News... Useful tips... Tools... Links to pages on your website... Resources and links to other websites in your industry... Photos... Videos... Events...

People don't go to social sites like Facebook to be sold to, so we will refrain from posting anything that could be interpreted as a sales pitch. If you have a new product or a limited time special offer, it’s OK to announce it. But adding text like “Buy now” or “Contact us” with any regularity will generally turn off your followers. Your posts should be focused on sharing good information.

How else can you optimize your Facebook Page wall posts?

  • We will use selected keywords in your Facebook Page wall posts that we know people will be searching for. 
  • Promoting Your Facebook Business Page
  • We will invite Your Existing Facebook Friends to “Like” Your Page
  • Your interaction on the social network gives customers the sense that they know you and your business, which can increase loyalty and make them more likely to recommend your services.