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Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have good clients/customers you'd like to stay in touch with without interrupting them with phone calls or visits?
  • Do some of your biggest and best clients/customers not know about your latest service or products?
  • Can you offer information that saves your customer's time and money, helps them get more business or better prices or prepares them for the future?
  • Have you ever heard any of your clients/customers say, "I didn't know you did that?"

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you needed a newsletter yesterday.

A newsletter should be only one of the tools you use for Customer Relationship Management, but it can be a very important one. A professionally written and produced newsletter can be the most powerful tool of all in your promotion and/or sales toolbox.


  • Build strong relationships with your clients and customers
  • Build client/customer loyalty
  • Help you learn what your clients/customers want and like
  • Help solve your client/customer's problems
  • Create extra sales to existing customers
  • Convert potential client/customers into actual ones
  • Improve the quality of your brand

A professional newsletter provides real, original, useful information and includes the promotion of your products and/or services. It encourages your readers to forward your newsletter to family, friends and business colleagues.

The newsletter format boosts your credibility by avoiding the appearance of an obvious sales pitch. Inaddition, because newsletters are perceived as having news value, they have the ability to bypass gatekeepers such as secretaries and assistants who screen out "junk mail."

A good newsletter keeps you in front of your clients and customers, adds value to your products and/or services, establishes your expertise and credibility, and saves you valuable promotional and selling time.

A top-quality newsletter delivers your messages your way. The subjects, tone, and emphasis are handled according to your wishes.

A regular publication builds awareness of your company or brand and your reader will look forward to the latest issue of your newsletter.

A cleverly designed, well-written newsletter will, in addition, achieve the following:

  • Distinguish your service or business from your competitors
  • Make better educated and informed customers better clients/customers.
  • Create awareness that your business has a story to tell — whether it's about the products, services, employees, or your involvement in the community.
  • Enhance the importance of building lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Ensure that you are recognised as an industry expert.
  • Benefit your company because of the added credibility brought about by a professionally produced newsletter.
  • Help launch a new product or introduce a new service.
  • Assist in retaining customers.
  • Ensures that your company benefits from referrals.
  • Lets  your customers know you care about them.
  • Promotes the idea that your company is an innovator, not a follower.
  • And if your company bills their clients/customers each month by post  – then your newsletter inside that envelope gets a free-ride!

If you require further information please contact us and we will be delighted to answer all your queries.